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Evaluation of Web content Accessibility made easy!

Wuhkag is an open-source Web application written in PHP for evaluating Web sites accessibility and publishing an HTML accessibility policy. Wuhkag currently supports W3C WCAG 1.0 and requires PHP4. The actual name derives from the short name of the guidelines for Web content accessibility (WCAG), which is pronounced "wuh-KAG" (from Kynn Bartlett's IWA/HWG accessibility class). Try Wuhkag immediately using the live application.

Wuhkag's Mission

Wuhkag's main purpose is to help webmasters in the process of writing a clear, transparent and complete policy regarding accessibility issues for a particular Website. Given that the Web is an universal tool and its content should be accessible by everyone from everywhere using any kind of browsing interface, writing an accessibility policy is an essential step in the process of making the Web a better place where to put and find information and services.

How it works

Wuhkag does not perform any automatic check for accessibility evaluation, rather it provides a methodological and analytical tool for human (or supervised) assessment of a Web site using WCAG 1.0 checklist. Based on the assisted evaluation results, Wuhkag provides accessibility experts with a detailed summary of the checkpoints that have been satisfied and a list of the guidelines that have been respected. At the end it automatically produces an HTML accessibility policy. Wuhkag has been translated into three languages: italian (main language), english and spanish.

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